CMS Pixel Phase 1 P5

CMS Pixel Phase 1 P5

The CMS Pixel Phase I Upgrade, to be installed in the extended year-end technical stop 2016/2017 requires CO2 evaporative cooling. The PH-DT cooling team has been mandated to design, build, install and commission the detector cooling plant (EDMS WP).

After the commissioning of the full-scale prototype “TIF”, which has been built in 2012/2013, the design of the P5 cooling systems is on-going. The cooling system will feature two cooling plants, each one capable of 15 kW cooling power at -20 C, to be installed in the CMS service cavern. Vacuum insulated concentric transfer lines will feed two manifolds with 8 cooling loops each, to be installed in the CMS experimental cavern (UXC55).

Connections to the detector will be done by means of vacuum insulated concentric transfer lines up to the entrance into the CMS Cryostat, then with standard insulated pipes up to the Pixel detector.



INDICO “ CMS Tracker Upgrade CO2 cooling”

EDMS CMS cooling

EDMS DT cooling

CMS Pixel Upgrade TDR