Role of the Workshop Supervisor
Personnel authorized to use the machines
TRAKA: Machine Access System in workshops 108, 162 and 166
EP-DT Workshops

EP-DT operates several mechanical workshops that are used for prototyping and small series productions in conventional and high precision mechanics.
Each workshop is led by a Workshop Supervisor. The overall responsibility of the EP-DT mechanical workshops is with A. Catinaccio for technical matters and the EP-DT Safety Linkman for safety matters.

Role of the Workshop Supervisor

  • The Workshop Supervisor has the leading role into the implementation and control of the safety process in the facility for which he/she is responsible
  • He/she, supported by Territorial Safety Officers (TSOs) and the users of the workshop, assesses the risks involved with the use of the machines, equipment and facilities
  • He/she is, together with TSO and installation supervisors, the “resolver” of the inspection process
  • He/she reports on remarks after inspections
  • He/she grants authorizations to users for each individual machine and equipment in the workshop, and keeps an updated list of authorizations
  • He/she provides schedule of servicing and maintenance for the equipment in the workshop
  • He/she proposes to Group Leader (GL) the trainings on the use of machines
  • He/she verifies that the machines and equipment are used according to the Organization safety standards
  • He/she ensures that PErsonal Protection Equipment (PPE) is available and provided to users

Personnel authorized to use the machines

  • Only personnel authorized by the Workshop Supervisor are allowed to use the machines.
  • The form M-4-0-2 is the formal authorization issued by the Workshop Supervisor, in agreement with the users, that allows each user to use specific machines. It is up the Workshop Supervisor to judge the competence of the user. The role of the Workshop Supervisor is rather to demonstrate, highlight possible hazards, check, authorize and supervise – but not train. The requester of work (e.g. experiments or supervisor of the user) must ensure that the users are properly trained.
  • All users of workshops must follow the rules given in the CERN Safety Note NS 26 - Reminder on basic safety rules for workshops (English version / Version en français)
  • Suitable Clothing and Personal Safety Equipment are mandatory

TRAKA: Machine Access System in workshops 108, 162 and 166

To manage, trace and record the use of machines and special equipment in EP/DT workshops also used by external users (108, 162 and 166), an automatic system called TRAKA has been put in place. The Traka system interfaces with EDH in order to control the access of the keys to the machines, providing record of users and machines.

  • The Traka systems are accessed and controlled via secured password by the Workshop Supervisors.
  • Every prospecting user of machines in EP-DT workshops equipped with Traka must be previously provided an authorization by the Workshop Supervisor, in order to have access to the electronic system and access the key of the specific machine.

EP-DT Workshops


Workshop Workshop Supervisor Deputy Workshop Supervisor TSO   Nb of Machines Main activities



M. Van Stenis   M. Van Stenis   32 Specialized in glass and ceramic machiningCNC milling machine
20/R-68 L.Deront   R.Kristic   3 Small workshop, conventional tools
21/R-47 R. Dumps R.Kristic


  15 Small workshop, conventional tools




F. Merlet

      31 Mechanical workshop
162  L. Mcalpine F. Pellegrino G.Lahu   29 Large workshop, conventional tools




F. Garnier

F. Merlet

P. Carrie


Mechanical Workshop


Electrical workshop

J. Bendotti   J.Bendotti   22 Conventional and CNC machines
168-R-B37 L.Deront   R. Kristic     Electrical workshop
187  R. Dumps   L.J. Kottelat     Specialized in scintillator machining
188/R-014 F.Garnier   T. Dai      
581  J.Van Beelen   J.Van Beelen   4 Support for ALICE activities
2252 D. Anstett   K.Barth   15 Support for ALICE activities at Point 2
153/R-36,42,44,46,48,50 F.Boyer J. Daguin C.Frei     Composite and Gluing workshop
107 S.Ferry   A.Rigamonti     Micro-Pattern Technologies Workshop