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Infrastructure for Experiments   LHC experiments
B-field mapping
Detector cooling service
Gas Systems
Instrumentation & Controls
Radiation Tolerant Silicon Detectors
Gas Detector R&D
Detector cooling R&D
Microsystems Engineering 
ALICE Operation and Detector Upgrade
ATLAS Operation and Detector Upgrade
CMS Operation and Detector Upgrade
LHCb Operation and Detector Upgrade
Infrastructure for Detector R&D   Non LHC experiments

Irradiation Facilities
Solid State Detector Lab
Thin Film & Glass service
Wire Bonding Lab (BONDLAB)
Quality Assurance & Reliability Testing  Lab (QARTlab)
Department Silicon Facility (DSF)
Micro-Pattern Technologies
Scintillators production

LCD Studies

EP-DT has a central and coordinating role in the development, construction and operation of particle detectors and related infrastructure for experiments at CERN. The group activities are organized in 3 main categories:

  • Services for developing and operating infrastructures for experiments and detector R&D. They are available for all experiments at CERN. They offer a coherent, ready-to-use deliverable (e.g. gas system, cooling system, control system, B-field measurement, thin film coating), M&O support, advice and consultancy.
  • R&D Projects on strategic fields related to new detector technologies and detector infrastructures that are of common interest for all the experiments. These projects also provide a host lab environment for external partners.
  • Joint Projects with experimental teams in CERN experiments to develop, construct and operate particle detectors. Joint projects are set up for a defined amount of time and the scope of the collaboration is described in dedicated work package agreements.