Micro-Pattern Technologies

Our Mandate

The EP-DT-DD Micro-Pattern Technologies (MPT) service focuses on the production of interconnection devices and radiation detector parts having features in between nanometric (wafer fab) and millimetric (traditional mechanics) production technologies.
The MPT service is also involved in the full design and production of micro-pattern gaseous detectors such as GEM detectors, Micromegas, THGEM, RETTHGEM, MSHP-cobra, RES BULK,Resistive MSGC, Bulk.
The service also produces PCBs, thick film and thin film hybrids, flex-rigid boards, chemical milling, fine line flex circuits (10 microns), large size boards (up to 2m), sequential build up multilayers with microvias.

Our Expertise

  • 50 years’ experience in PCB technology.
  • 10 years’ experience in vacuum coating deposition.  The main field of application is the production of low mass circuits based on thick aluminium PVD layers ranging from 10 to 30 microns. The need is constantly growing for inner tracker detectors, where radiation length is a critical parameter.
  • Large experience in wet etching chemistry for metals and polymers (polyimide, epoxy, aluminium, copper, lead, silver, gold, NbTi, etc…).
  • During the last 10 years we have substantially developed knowledge on gas radiation detectors physics, in particular in crucial technology aspects of micro-pattern gas detectors. For instance, MPT has developed a method to protect Micromegas detectors against sparks.
  • Electrostatic simulation knowledge. Compsol simulation software supports the development and optimisation of devices. 
  • Strong connections with the PCB industry, facilitating outsourcing and initiating technology transfers to industry.
  • Quality assurance (ISO qualifications) and quality control  (IPC standards) needed for professional PCB productions. Support to CERN users when establishing outsourcing contracts.
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