Detector Development

The section provides expertise and services in various fields of detector technologies and detector/sensors integration issues. Research and development projects are performed in the fields of silicon and gaseous detectors for future experiments.

The services comprise the operation of the DSF –the Departmental Silicon Facility – comprising the wire bonding and interconnect facility (bond lab) and the Quality and Reliability Assurance (QART) lab and providing clean room space to various experiments.

Support in the characterization of semiconductor and gaseous detectors is given in dedicated laboratories. The operation of irradiation facilities and supply of radiation monitoring devices (RADMON) supports the field of radiation testing and qualifying as well as radiation monitoring. Finally, the thin film lab (TFL) is providing thin film coatings and glass/ceramic machining.


Along with the various services the section contributes to the construction of several detector projects and is deeply involved in the RD50 (Radiation Tolerant Silicon Detectors) and RD51 (Micro-Pattern Gas Detectors) projects by contributions to the R&D program as well as providing spokespersons and administrative support to the collaborations.

RD50 - Radiation hard semiconductor devices for very high luminosity colliders 
RD51 - Development of Micro-Pattern Gas Detectors Technologies