Controls & DAQ

The Instrumentation and Controls team develops and supports large and medium scale control systems based on industry-standard equipment, configured around CERN-defined frameworks, for the infrastructure of CERN experiments and laboratory control systems.
The service includes preventive and corrective maintenance, and 24/7 on-call service for control/safety systems developed for and running in the LHC experiments. 

Current projects:

The Magnet Control Project  (MCP) was initiated in 1998 with the goal of producing an integrated system for controlling (MCS), protecting (MSS) and analyzing data (MDS) for the large magnets in the LHC experiments. Common hardware and software have been designed to facilitate the maintenance and operation. In addition, the MCP team contributes to support the DSS -a redundant PLC-based system for protecting the detector against various fault conditions- and RCS -system protecting individual racks against overheating and fire- in the LHC experiments.

A range of instrumentation and control projects for other experiments -AEGIS magnets, position control of TOTEM and ATLAS-ALFA roman pots, ArDM control systems, NA62 DCS- has also been the focus of the team.

The team is now developing a state-of-the-art magnet safety system so-called MSS2. It is based on a CompactRIO system. MSS2 offers a significant reduction of analogue electronics with respect to the current systems, and facilitates system maintenance. The M1 magnet in the SPS north area, used for beam tests by CMS groups, and the refurbished solenoid of the COMPASS experiment are equipped with this new safety system.