Irradiation Facilities


A Few Words from our Team Irradiation

  • The IRRAD facilities will be closed during LS2, GIF++ is instead operational for gamma irradiations only.

The irradiation team within the EP-DT-DD section operates and maintains the proton Irradiation facility at the PS East Area and the Gamma Irradiation Facility located at the former SPS West Area. Moreover, the team provides support to the EP department and CERN users in planning irradiation experiments at the above mentioned CERN facilities and organizes irradiation campaigns in facilities outside CERN upon request. During LS1, the irradiation facilities team is also involved in the upgrade projects of both the PS East Area irradiation facilities (EA-IRRAD) and the new Gamma Irradiation Facility as the SPS North Area (GIF++).

East Area renovation meetings (restricted acess)


  • Planning of the irradiation experiments together with the users in accordance with the relevant Radiation Protection procedures.
  • Experience to handle, transport and measure irradiated material.
  • Providing infrastructure to handle and store irradiated material.
  • Experience in dosimetry and radiation monitoring for irradiation experiments.
  • Development of Radiation Monitors for High-Energy Physics experiments (RADMON project).

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