Gas Systems

Our Mandate

  • The EP-DT-DI Gas service team is responsible for the maintenance, operation and upgrade of the gas systems for experiments at the LHC. This includes preventive and corrective maintenance on 26 LHC gas systems and a 24h on-call operation service.
  • The Gas service team is also responsible for the construction of gas systems for other experiments at CERN (typical examples are CLOUD, NA62)
  • The team also offers general support for test beam and equipment belonging to external users.
  • This service provides access to 'Standardized Gas Racks' which can be used to mix and distribute gas mixtures to detectors.
  • The service carries out R&D in order to optimize gas systems operation and to develop new strategies and technologies in the field.

Our Expertise

  • The team has a long experience in developing gas systems for particle detectors. This includes conceptual design, selection of components, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance.
  • We develop systems for gas recirculation able to reduce cost and environmental impacts. These systems include modules for gas purification.
  • All gas systems are fully automated. Control systems are based on industrial PLC and they are developed in collaboration with the EN department.
  • The verification process of gas quality and mixture composition is an essential part in our daily work. The laboratory is equipped with several gas analysers ranging from standard oxygen and water meters to sophisticated gas chromatograph and mass-spectrometer devices.