Mechanical Workshops

EP-DT has a large portfolio of (~150) machines distributed in several workshops, of which 2 CNC machines, about 30 lathes, 30 drilling, 20 milling, several grinding, sanding machines, hydraulic and/or manual presses, bending and cutting machines. The inventory of machines is adequate for prototypes and small series productions in conventional and high precision mechanics.
List of machines in the main DT mechanical workshops:

EP-DT workshops in Buildings 108, 162 and 166 are also used by authorized external users

All machines have been recently certified to be in running order, and can be used according to the newly certified safety standard.
Please contact the Workshop Supervisors ​for more specific information and availability of use.


EP-DT runs several laboratories for detector R&D and activities related to EP-DT Services.
List of main EP-DT Labs and current use.

Assembly Areas

EP-DT manages several areas suited for the development, construction and maintenance of large particle detectors.

List of main EP-DT Assembly Areas and current use. 


EP-DT has a number of storage areas to store raw material, instruments, mechanical and electrical components, as well as drawings and documentation.
To store or recuperate material, please contact the responsible person. If the person is unavailable, a key can be obtained in the DT secretariat.
List of EP-DT Storage Areas.