Detector Construction and Operations

To provide to the CERN community specific solutions combining mechanical design, prototyping and small-scale production of particle detector systems, and to support the operation of CERN experiments.
The EP-DT-CO section expertise lies mainly in the field of mechanics for particle detectors, including know-how in detector design, prototyping, production, detector assembly and integration, and testing.

Current participation in experiments and detector projects:

  • M&O for the ALICE experiment and development of the ALICE ITS
  • M&O for CMS and development of the CMS Phase 2 Tracker
  • M&O for LHCb and contribution to the detector upgrade programme: VELO, RICH, SciFi, UT
  • ATLAS detector upgrade programme: NSW Micromegas, ITk Pixel
  • M&O for CLOUD
  • M&O for TOTEM