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NA62 is a new Kaon experiment at the CERN SPS accelerator. The goal is to measure the very rare Kaon decay K+-> pi+ nu nubar to make a decisive test of the Standard Model by extracting a 10% measurement of the CKM parameter |Vtd| .
The NA62 experiment is situated in the cavern (TCC8 + ECN3) of the SPS North Area High Intensity Facility (NAHIF] where it re-uses existing infrastructure of the former CERN Kaon experiment [NA48].

The involvement of EP- DT group into NA62 is twofold:

STRAW Tracker Project Leader: Hans Danielsson

CERN has engaged together with JINR/Dubna the development and construction of a new ultra light Straw Tracker. The CERN parts are done in cooperation between EP-DT and EP-ESE.
This Straw Tracker forms the unique spectrometer for outgoing tracks and consists of four straw tube chambers which are situated downstream of the decay region (see Figure above). A novel technology, developed in collaboration between EP-DT and Dubna, allows using very thin wall straws inside the vacuum tank reducing the material budget to 0.5% radiation length per chamber.

Technical Coordination, Infrastructure and Services: Ferdinand Hahn/TC

EP-DT provides the Technical Coordinator and is in charge of the overall integration of the experiment. In this context the group provides extensive mechanical and electrical support and assists the Technical Coordinator in his function. Several infrastructure parts are made in EP-DT comprising, in particular, the huge RICH Radiator vessel.
In the framework of the Gas and Cooling services EP-DT is involved in the GTK cooling system, and in all the NA62 gas systems.