Former Team Members

Former colleagues and visitors (in historical order):

March 2006 to
March 2007

Bastian Beischer Summer
RD50 project
Summer Student
1.7 - 26.9. 2008
Nicola Pacifico   Irradiation facilities
Visitor from Bari
May-September 2008
Heikki Juhani Viljanen Summer
RD50 project
Summer Student
12.6 - 17.8. 2007
Claudio Furetta June 2007 to
Sept. 2007
Irradiation facilities

visiting scientist (15.6.07 - 30.9.07)
Pierre Rodeghiero Jan 2007 to
May 2007
RD50 project
Doctoral student at the Université catholique de Louvain
Only part time working at CERN
Co-supervised by M.Moll (since 1.1.07)
will leave 31.5.07 for job in industry
Herbert Hoedlmoser   RD50 (1 Year)
Fellow, shared with EP/AIT
Fellow since 1.5.2005
since 1.3.2006 with DT2-SD
Loic Mougel 2006 Irradiation facilities
(1.7. - 31.12.2006)
Federico Ravotti until 2006 Irradiation facilities
Doctoral student in TS/LEA, supervised by M.Moll (until 31.10.06)
Michael Koehler Summer 2006 RD50
Vincent Schott Summer 2006 RADMON
Ioannis Papadakis 2005/2006 Bondlab
Bond Technician
PJAS, NCSR Demokritos
(Oct.05 - Apr.06)
Alison Gouldwell Bates until Sept. 2005 RD50 (6 months)
Doctoral student, shared with EP/LHB
Jens Schmaler Summer 2005 RD50
Summer 2005 RADMON
Summer student, University of Helsinki
Christian Joram until Dec.2004 Section leader of EP/TA1-SD
Véronique Boisvert   RD50 (2 days/week)
Fellow, shared with EP/ATR
Akhil Jhingan May 2004 - Nov. 2004 RD50
Visiting scientist from India (May-Nov 2004)
Christiane Schillinger   Bondlab
Bond Technician
Kaspar Mühlemann on early retirement
since September 2003
Bond Technician