Successful commissioning of the new PH-DT safety and control system for the refurbished COMPASS Solenoid.

new PH-DT safety and control system

The PH-DT Instrumentation and Controls team has being developing a new safety system for experimental magnets using National Instruments CompactRIO devices. CRIO is a reconfigurable embedded system containing a processor running a real-time operating system (RTOS), a FPGA, and interchangeable industrial I/O modules.
These new system offers a significant reduction of analogue electronics with respect to the current magnet safety systems (MSS) installed in the LHC experiments, facilitates system maintenance, and in opposite to the custom-made MSS, MSS2 is made of industrial components. The system has been designed and prototyped in 2012, and is now successfully running the refurbished COMPASS solenoid.
This project is an important milestone for the PH-DT Instrumentation and Controls team that have now validated the new MSS concept for a possible implementation in the LHC experimental magnets.

The PH-DT Instrumentation and Controls team is composed by P.Blanc, N.Bourgeois, G.Maire, X.Pons, S.Ravat and supported by the FSU PH-02 team.
Picture caption
From left to right, L.Deront, S.Ravat and A.Kehrli in front of the Safety and Control system racks developed and manufactured in PH-DT for the COMPASS solenoid.