The EP-DT Composite Lab manufactures a full carbon-composite box prototype to host the new LHCb Upstream Tracker detector.

EP-DT Composite Lab

By Francois Boyer
The LHCb Collaboration will replace the Trigger Tracker (TT) detector by the Upstream Tracker (UT) during LS2. The UT detector will be installed in a box (UT box) which will serve as the boundary between the detector (operated below zero degrees Celsius) and its environment. The box shall meet several requirements such as detector accessibility during operation, minimum material, mechanical stability, light tightness, Faraday-cage behavior, and be free of any condensation on its external surface during operation. The entire prototype of the UT box was manufactured at the new EP-DT composite lab. This box is mainly composed by carbon sandwich panels with a copper net inside the panel in order to ensure the faraday-cage behavior.