Thin Film Lab

In the Thin Film Lab we provide a CERN wide coating service of metallic, dielectric or organic materials under PVD process. This covers small samples for proto types as well as bigger productions for final detector construction. For reflective layers Aluminium coatings are usually used but all kind of other metals can be evaporated. We have a longstanding experience in the production of UV enhanced mirrors for Cherenkov light reflection in RICH detectors systems. Dielectric layers are mostly used for protection of the metallic reflectors or the enhancement of reflection or transmission. The relatively new field of organic materials is driven by their Wave Length Shifting (WLS) properties. Depending on the chosen material either resistive Joules heating or the use of a so called “electron gun” will evaporate the highly pure material in vacuum under stable and clean conditions to the given substrate. PVD processes are mostly used for optical applications but also functional layers can be produced. One big advantage to other evaporation techniques is the possibility to coat also on temperature sensitive substrate material like plastic scintillators or fibers.