EP-DT Mandate

The Detector Technologies (DT) group in the Experimental Physics department participates in the development, construction and operation of particle detectors for experiments at CERN. This comprises detector consolidation and upgrade projects as well as infrastructure for experiments.
A key asset of DT is the vast range of expertise and facilities in many different domains that are crucial for advanced detector-systems. Among these are detector research development and system support, fine mechanics, engineering, thin film coatings, optics, silicon detectors facility with wire-bonding lab, irradiation facilities, magnet support, B-field mapping, instrumentation and controls, gas and cooling systems for particle detectors. DT runs mechanical workshops with conventional and CNC machines and equipment for specialized machining for scintillators, glass and ceramics.


The EP-DT Composite Lab manufactures a full carbon-composite box prototype to host the new LHCb Upstream Tracker detector. 

The LHCb Collaboration will replace the Trigger Tracker (TT) detector by the Upstream Tracker (UT) during LS2. The UT detector will be installed in a box (UT box) which will serve as the boundary between the detector (operated below zero degrees Celsius) and its environment.