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The mandate of the TFG lab in EP-DT is to give support to the different CERN experiments in terms of thin film coating as well as glass and ceramic machining. The activity in the Thin Film Lab covers the large field of Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) based coatings. Metals, dielectrics and also organic materials can be evaporated. Most layers are for optical use but also other functional layers can be produced. Our specialised Glass and Ceramic Workshop is equipped with dedicated diamond tools for hard material machining. This allows us to deal with specific material such as Glass, Pyrex, Quartz, Sapphire, Alumina, Ferrites and other ceramics. For the quality control of these 2 branches (Coating +glass/ceramics machining) we have in our Optical Quality Control Lab several microscopes and spectrometers for the testing of our products.

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Optical Quality Control Lab

For the 2 branches of our lab we have set up a quality control lab to qualify surface characteristics and optical properties. Several Microscopes and Spectrometers allow us to analyse the outcome of our work. Our main tool is a Perkin Elmer Lambda spectrometer equipped with different accessories. Spectral, diffuse and total reflection or transmission can be measured from 200 to 800nm.

Glass&Ceramics Workshop

Initially started as PH Glassblower workshop we do still have all kind of dedicated diamond tools for cutting, turning, and milling Glass and Ceramic materials. A high precision CNC milling machine has complemented this unique CERN service. We do offer precise machining of Prototypes as well as small production series for the different CERN experiments.

Thin Film Lab

In the Thin Film Lab we provide a CERN wide coating service of metallic, dielectric or organic materials under PVD process. This covers small samples for proto types as well as bigger productions for final detector construction. For reflective layers Aluminium coatings are usually used but all kind of other metals can be evaporated.